REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR FALL 2018 – SPRING 2019! Starts September 12th!
We have some extra special events this year, and when the schedule is confirmed, we will post it so parents can print it or just refer to it as needed!

BK-Awana Logo - smallAwana is our mid-week children’s ministry. Each club night there is singing in our opening ceremony followed by Handbook, Group Games and a closing celebration and prayer. In Handbook, children are encouraged to excel in their Bible verse studies. They receive recognition for their memorization and understanding of God’s Word. In Group Games kids play wild and crazy games where they compete in color teams on the Awana circle. These games are of a nature that allows all children to participate regardless of skill. Each club night children earn points for Awana Bucks, which they get to spend at the Awana Store quarterly.

Children are broken into the following age groups:

Cubbies – 3-5 years old

Sparkies – K-2 grades

T&T Adventure – 3&4 grades

T&T Challenge – 5&6 grades

We always welcome more kids to join in the fun, Wednesday nights at 6:30-8:00 pm.

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