Hurricane Relief

We pray for those affected by the hurricanes and flooding in the south. We also seek to help how we can in practical ways. Often the easiest method for those of us far away from disaster is to donate to an effective charity that will distribute or utilize funds well for the assistance of people and glory of God.

If you’d like to donate, you can give a check to the church with a note for “hurricane relief” or “fire relief” and we will pass all those funds along, or you can look into giving through the information below provided by Mission Northwest, the regional organization we associate with.

Montana Fires & Hurricanes

~ Charles Revis, Executive Minister
We continue to receive calls from our member churches and individuals inquiring about where and how to send funds to help with relief efforts with the Montana fires and the devastation from hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


I have contacted the Mission Northwest churches closest to the fires in our region. All seem to be safe for now. However, Eureka FBC is actively helping 10 families who lost their homes in the nearby Caribou Fire in the township of West Kootenai, MT. If you are a Facebook user you can see pictures and read about the fire and how it has effected this small town of 365 people at this LINK. You can support Eureka FBC in their relief efforts by providing financials gifts. These can be sent directly to the church at First Baptist Church, 355 9th St, Eureka, MT 59917. Or, you can send your gifts to the Region office with a note explaining that you want the funds sent to Eureka FBC.


In terms of Harvey and Irma relief these are unfolding situations. We encourage giving to One Great Hour of Sharing through the Region office or directly online at this LINK. If you send funds to the Region office for OGHS please complete a Missions Remittance form and direct the funds to “Hurricane Relief” through OGHS. Rev Vicky Goff is the ABC-USA coordinator for Disaster-relief Ministries. She has posted a detailed Q & A article online at the ABHMS site that contains more details concerning the American Baptist response to this situation. Here is a portion of that article (the rest may be found at the above link):

Q: People want desperately to help those affected by Harvey’s and Irma’s devastation. What can we do today?
A: At this time, you can help in four primary ways:

PRAY for those in hurricane Harvey’s and Irma’s paths.
GIVE to One Great Hour of Sharing. One hundred percent of gifts designated “Hurricane Harvey Relief” and “Hurricane Irma Relief” go to the relief and rehabilitation of those affected. Give through your local church or online at > Give Now.
DONATE hygiene kits and emergency cleanup buckets, which are distributed by Church World Service. Find details about these kits and how to contribute them at
PLAN TO GO to affected areas in future weeks or months. The present need is for first responders and people with specialized training—doctors, nurses and search-and-rescue professionals. Teams that assist with rebuilding must wait until the rains cease and systems are in place. This time will come, but it’s not in the first weeks after disasters of this magnitude. Contact Victoria Goff at for information about volunteering for future mission trips to affected regions.

Q: How will money donated to One Great Hour of Sharing “Hurricane Harvey Relief” and “Hurricane Irma Relief” be spent?

A: Disaster response is a long process, depending on the disaster, and often spans many years. ABHMS continues to lead volunteer mission trips to New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward—12 years after hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed the area. With that in mind, thought must be given to the long-term needs of the affected areas and how those needs will be addressed. The initial release of funds will go to our national and local partners who are providing immediate assistance in the affected areas. Once the rebuilding phase begins, funds will be used to help rebuild, restore and renew homes, churches, communities and lives. ABHMS will collaborate in efforts with local partners on the ground.


I continue to be in communication with University Baptist Church in the southeastern part of Houston, TX. They are located close to the Clear Lake neighborhood, which received upwards to 50” of rain. UBC is a strong congregation with about 1,000 folks in worship attendance. The church has canceled almost all ministries in order to aggressively serve the hundreds of people who’ve been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. In checking in with my contact (a minister friend from my seminary years in Texas on staff) he told me that they have been working non-stop to muck out houses, remove carpet and dry-wall, feed people and serve as a conduit for furniture, food and other supplies that are being given to those who have lost so much. Some houses were flooded with inches of water. Others have water in their attics!

UBC is now shifting into the rebuilding stage. They will be purchasing drywall and other building supplies in preparation for sending out teams into the neighborhood for reconstruction. Texas Baptist Men, who have numerous disaster teams, will soon set up a staging area on their campus to lead this effort. I was told that hundred percent of all contributed funds will go to help people who have lost their homes and possessions. If you want to help directly on the front line of disaster relief this is one place to do so.

You can donate online at UBC’s Harvey Relief Page. Or, funds may be sent to the church designated for “Harvey Relief”. Please use the following address with attention to David Mobely who is coordinating the relief efforts.

University Baptist Church
16106 Middlebrook Dr
Houston, TX 77059
Att: David Mobley

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