Realm Church Database

Realm is a web-based solution that helps church staff track many aspects of church function and information.

Church management software isn’t just about storing “member records” anymore. It’s about connecting people to everything the church has to offer. Profile pages give people in the church a simple way to update contact information, connect with small groups, and more. By giving our members the ability to maintain some of their information, our staff will be freed up to focus on ministry.

We hope that as much of our church as possible will sign up! It helps us reach out and work together. As you set up your profile, you can edit your privacy settings to control what other church folks can see, and what can only be seen by church leadership.

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Realm App

You can install the Realm Connect app on your Android or iOS device, and be able to give and much more!

Invitation Request

Email our staff at our church email to get an invite for online giving through REALM.